The CST designs and hosts events that highlight STEM principles in our everyday lives. Through these accessible and engaging activities, students learn to observe their surroundings and develop scientific curiosities regardless of their academic pursuits.

We collaborate with both on-campus and external partners to highlight the sometimes unrecognized scientific expertise within our community, strengthen connection and comprehension of concepts, and expand our notion of who qualifies as a scientist.

Brainy Bites

The Brainy Bites program series aims to bring science to the forefront of conversations about foods we may interact with daily but seldom take a moment to think about. We have hosted multiple events featuring coffee and chocolate. 

Science of Sports

Whether it's the projectile motion of a basketball free throw or the torque on a spiraling football pass, the CST’s "Science of Sports" program highlights student athletes in action and showcases Princeton Athletics’ expertise as they apply scientific principles on the field, court, or track. It is our slam dunk way to make science come alive!…

The Princeton Better for Birds Project

In collaboration with the Stoddard Lab (EEB), this project involves the construction of a pollinator garden at Stony Ford Research Center, an art exhibition featuring artwork from the Princeton community that celebrates all things birds, titled BirDiversity, and the monitoring of bird strikes on campus to identify problematic buildings and windows that are more prone to bird collisions.