What We Do

The Council on Science and Technology fosters education, research, and intellectual exchange that deepen and broaden engagement of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The Council partners with engineering, mathematics, natural sciences, the arts, humanities, and social sciences to explore and promote the relation of STEM with culture and the course of public affairs. 

Card Making

Shefali Pop Up Book
StudioLab Interns held a card making workshop for Princeton University Librarians and staff. Light-up pop-up cards were made with materials from the paper cutter.

Dymaxion Map

StudioLab Super User, Shawn Cheeks lasercut, etched, and assembled a Dymaxion Map or “Buckminster Fuller Map”; a projection of the world map onto the surfaces of an icosahedron.Dymaxion Map

Questions in Biology

Students learn how science is an inquiry-based, concrete, and ongoing activity, rather than codified and unchanging knowledge in STC 297.

Art and Science at Pixar

Danielle Feinberg
Our February, 2018 Evnin Lecture featured Danielle Feinberg, Director of Photography for Lighting at Pixar, spoke about her journey from programming as a young girl to helping to build magical worlds in several Pixar movies. Read more...


Nergis Mavalvala

*photo courtesy of the MacArthur Foundation

As part of the Evnin Lecture series, Nergis Mavalvala spoke to a packed house about the historic underpinnings, recent findings, and future goals of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) project. Watch

Model Rockets

Model rockets
The Princeton Rocketry Club hosted a workshop for all students to build and simulate model rockets.


PUMA student
High school students enrolled in PUMA, focused their learning on simple circuits and code, via workshops on rapid prototyping, paper circuits, sewing with conductive thread and programming in Arduino.

Women in Stem

Members of the Class of 2022 gathered to hear faculty and students share their academic journeys as well as the many STEM opportunities at Princeton.

Science Policy

Rush Holt
Dr. Rush D. Holt, Jr.,current Chief Executive Officer of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and a former congressional member of the U.S. House of Representatives addressed the intersection of science policy and public service as part of our Evnin Lecture series. Watch his lecture here.

Visual Music

CST Living at the Intersection Symposium

Symposium guests experienced Visual Music, an immersive multimedia performance collaboration by composer/vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Bora Yoon and live visualist, software designer, and intermedia graphics artist Joshue Ott . See photos and videos here.

Science Writing

2018 Pope Prize
YiYi (Jessica) Li '18, the recipient of the 2018 Gregory T. Pope '80 Prize for science writing. The Pope Prize is awarded annually to a graduating senior for outstanding articles or papers on scientific topics written for a broad audience.

Mapping Princeton

Mapping Princeton
Catherine Riihimaki worked with two students to create Mapping Princeton, a multi-disciplinary project which used computer science, geography, and graphic design to capture spatially the essence of Princeton University.

Robot Cars

robot car
Summer interns from the MAE department visited the StudioLab in June 2018 to work on assembling a smart Arduino-controlled robot car, that beams real-time first-person-view video back to a phone app!

Understanding Cognitive Bias

Brooke GladstoneBrooke Gladstone of WNYC's On the Media was the first lecturer in our "Understanding the Nature of Evidence" series.  Watch her lecture.

Fugue for Theater Lights and Microphone

STC 209 students used metal fabrication tools, sewing and programming to address a type of transformation called synesthesia.

Visual Effects Photo Booth

CST StudioLab
An STC 309 student used the laser cutter, Rasberry Pi, programming and more to create the VFX Photo Booth demonstrate visual effects concepts to a larger audience. Read more.

Circuits & LED's

circuits and LED's
Elementary and middle school students learned about basic circuits and made their own light up wands at the Princeton Public Library with our StudioLab Ambassadors.


CST 3D StudioLab
You can create an arbitrary 3D geometry and decompose it into a flat paper pattern that can be folded back up to form the original 3D object.  Use our Silhouette Cameo vinyl/paper/fabric cutter to cut the flat pattern, with scoring for the folds and automatically-generated tabs to fasten all the folds together!