STEM Teaching Resources

As part of its Science and Engineering Education Initiative, the Council on Science and Technology is encouraging the use of student-centered teaching methods to increase learning and engagement in the classroom.  We have staff members who are dedicated to helping faculty members implement these techniques into the courses that the Council oversees.  In addition, we would like to provide faculty members with incentives to explore and experiment with these methods on their own or at a time/location of their choosing.  We would like to leverage the fact that these changes in STEM teaching are happening nationally, and offer you an opportunity to participate in the new frontiers of teaching.

The Council is offering STEM Teaching Workshop Travel Awards that may be used by any faculty member, including lecturers, who will be teaching an undergraduate science, math or engineering course at Princeton during the academic year.  

We encourage faculty to discuss their teaching needs and concerns with us one-on-one or in faculty working groups.  For those who would like to learn more on their own, the Council has compiled a list of organizations and websites that may be useful.