Course Development & Support

As part of its Science and Engineering Education Initiative, the Council on Science & Technology (CST) seeks to expand the number of science and engineering-related courses available to non-science and engineering majors.  2012-2013 was the first year that students could satisfy an ST requirement either with a course with a laboratory component (STL) or a non-laboratory course (STN).  We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with faculty to create and fund new courses in the STN and STL categories.   STN courses should focus on critical/timely science topics and teach rigorous science concepts as well as instill in students an appreciation of the relevance and excitement of science.  STN courses may focus on a single discipline or they can be inter-disciplinary. They must be of wide interest to non-STEM students and will hopefully also hold appeal as electives for STEM majors.  CST has funds to initiate qualified courses and will provide science teaching specialists to help develop content and integrate research-based teaching methods and learning goals into course design. 

The Council is open to suggestions from students, faculty and staff as to the types of courses in science and engineering that would be of interest to undergraduates and would better prepare students for life as citizens, voters, and leaders of our nation.