The biennial Living at the Intersection Symposium serves CST’s mission to broaden and deepen participation in STEM. The Symposium is designed to define and explore intersections of science and engineering with the arts, humanities and social sciences. The Symposium enables participants to look beyond their disciplinary labels for synergies that inspire new, rewarding ways of thinking, doing, and collaborating. During the 2018 Symposium, we invited attendees to play, create, and explore at our Interactive Stations including

  • Creativity and Drawing in Virtual and Augmented Reality

    Ready to unleash your creativity in a limitless, virtual space? Visit the Creativity, Drawing, AR & Virtual Reality station and let your imagination run wild! At this station, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the easy-to-use apps, Google Tilt Brush and Oculus Quill, while experimenting with Joshue Ott’s AR drawing app “superDraw”. 

  • The Intersection of Engineering and the Arts: A Working Definition   

    What does “living at the Intersection of engineering and the arts” mean to you? As you engage with content and people throughout the Symposium, we invite you to help us define living at the intersection of engineering and the arts. Grab a pen and a post-it, respond to the prompt, and leave it for us on one of the large post-it boards. We invite you to leave more than one post-it; please come back throughout the day and add to or change your response as your perception of engineering and the arts evolves during the Symposium. Want to connect with us and share your thoughts after the Symposium? Feel free to email us: [email protected].

  • Scribble-Doodle-Draw Bots

    Would you like to scribble, doodle, and draw with a robot? Relive kindergarten by creating your own DIY doodling machine from simple parts like paper cups, rubber bands, clothes pins, and markers. A motor with an offset weight will cause your contraption to shake and rattle about the drawing rink, while the markers leave a trace of its motion. Tinker with your design to create different patterns.