Apr 4, 2024, 5:00 pm8:00 pm
StudioLab, Fine Hall Room B08


Event Description

When StudioLab staff found out about 13-year-old Willis Gibson 'beating' Tetris for the Nintendo Entertainment System, we found ourselves wondering how old Tetris was. To our delight, we discovered the game was created in 1984, making it 40 years old this year. Although some may argue about whether the release date is the more definitive measure of age, or that it was created in June of 1984 and not April, we simply could not resist the idea of hosting our event on April 4th. The fourth day of the fourth month on the fortieth year of a puzzle game about working with shapes composed of four parts.

Join us for an evening of casual, competitive, cooperative, and solo play experiences that represent what we consider to be the most exemplary titles from the series. We'll also feature a few other block-based games inspired by Tetris.

Open to the University Community