Agile Ethics: Designing an ML Model for Video Generation

Nov 9, 2022, 12:00 pm1:20 pm
StudioLab, Fine Hall B08



Event Description

In this fast-paced role-play workshop, teams will encounter a rapidly-developing ethical problem in their design for a video generation product, and face the real pressures engineers face in these situations (jobs, promotions, money and so on).  You’ll make choices, defend your positions, get scored on how well you accomplish your goals — and experience the ethical challenges of tech design in a vivid way.  This exercise simulates the “Agile” methods that teams use at all the big tech companies – so you’ll learn more about work at these firms (incl. from our visiting Googler) and explore the potential for using engineering methods to make an ethical impact.  

Dr. Ben Zevenbergen is an ethics and policy advisor at Google Responsible Innovation.  His responsibilities include working with teams of engineers and designers to help them foresee the ethical impact of their tech design choices, and taking part in Google’s extensive review and approval process for new products.   After a career in law and as a policy advisor in the European Parliament, Ben returned for graduate work at Oxford University, earning his D.Phil. and doing advanced research with the Oxford Internet Institute.  He then came to Princeton as a research fellow at the Center for Information Technology Policy before starting at Google in 2020.

Lunch will be served. Registration is required.

Undergraduate Students