Mar 24, 2021, 8:00 pm9:00 pm



Event Description

3D Software for Art-Making - Wendy Ho
In this workshop, Wendy Ho will be going over some basic functions in Blender, a powerful open-source 3D software, to create simple 3D models and animations. The workshop will go over the basics of modeling objects, adding texture, lighting objects, and animation. If you've ever wanted to try out Blender or just see how the software can help you create cool graphics, come to this workshop! The workshop is meant for total beginners and non-technical artists, but is open to everyone of all skill levels and experiences.

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During the livestream, you can join the conversation with the presenter and other attendees on our private #radlab chat channel. For more information on StudioLab's Slack Group, visit the following link.


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RadLab is StudioLab's low-key presentation series for sharing totally rad projects, ideas, and experiences. We livestream short talks every Wednesday at 8:00 PM on our YouTube channel. By the end of Spring 2021, we'll have hosted over 30 RadLabs, covering topics like arcade controllers, synthesizers, anime music videos, robotics, and Dadaism. You can find out more about RadLab by heading over to our webpage.


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