Rad Lab

Jul 22, 2020, 8:00 pm9:00 pm
Event Description

Rad Lab is our new low-key workshop series for sharing totally rad projects, ideas, and experiences.

Events broadcast live from our #radlab Slack Group, so be sure to join. We’ll post a link to the video stream a few minutes before the event in the #radlab channel. You can post your comments and questions for our presenter there too. Kind of like Twitch, but not Twitch.

Rad lab

Wednesday, July 1

I designed a synthesizer that looks like a control panel from Star Trek
Brendan Byrne shares his work as a hobbyist electronic musical instrument designer. He'll talk about his latest creation, Destiny Clock, a complex sequencing device for creating musical patterns from binary signals. 

Upcoming Workshops

July 8 : Eight years ago I made a fan edit of my favorite anime and now I’m doing it again

July 15 : The year is 2020 and Jurassic Park is the highest grossing film in America

July 22 : All about arcade controllers and how you might go about building your own

What's Slack?
Slack is a program (web app, phone app, desktop download the helps communities and teams quickly exchange messages. Basically, it's a fancy private chatroom where you can share projects, ask questions, and host virtual events, like Rad Lab.

P.S. Rad Lab is our latest project coming out of StudioLab and we’re not exactly sure how it will turn out. We’re optimistic, but we could sure use your help. Let us know what you think or if you have something special to present by messaging Cynthia Vu on Slack. We’d really appreciate it. Thanks!