Two students Stanley Cho (CBE '23) and Delia Batdorff (MAE '23) were hired to work with Bill Broadhurst and Adam Boltz in Facilities Engineering to analyze annual campus energy consumption by understanding and reviewing energy meter data across various platforms and ensuring consistency and highlighting any anomalies or discrepancies in the data reported. The second activity was to collect operational data on the Air Handling Units on campus. These units are responsible for space heating and cooling and represent the largest energy consumption in buildings. The data gathered by Stanley and Delia went into a calculator developed by an outside consultant that determines the added cost and energy associated with protocols put in place for COVID mitigation. These protocols include turning on ventilation systems for extended periods before and after occupancy and turning off recirculation and energy-saving features to mitigate the spread of viruses. The data mining carried out by the interns was instrumental in understanding the impact of COVID on energy conservation efforts on campus.

Attached is an image of one of the Air Handling Unit systems the interns analyzed. This was a fully-remote internship but the interns were invited to join students in a tour of the facilities to see the air handling unit and the systems and meters they analyzed in use; the second photo is of the tour. Bill and Adam are facing the students. 

tour of air handling units on campus
air handling unit system analyzed by interns