309: Spring 2017 Projects


by Max Greenwald '17 and Nora Bradley '18

Girma wanted a device that would allow her to gauge audience engagement and response to public speaking presentations. Click for more

Itsy Bitsy Spider

by Helen Lin '18 and Mariah Wilson '18

Our project asks users to reconsider their interpretations of a classic nursery rhyme.  Click for more...


by Drew Wallace '17

garden questions classical definitions of “interactivity” in games discourse.  click for more...


STC309 and Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Nora Bradley ’18 (MAE) and Max Greenwald ’17 (COS) piloted their design project from STC 309: Independent Design in Engineering and the Arts. Nora and Max designed and built (hardware and software) a wearable device for a deafblind speaker that provides the speaker with real-time haptic (vibrational) feedback on audience response. The device was developed for Haben Girma, who is a disability rights advocacy lawyer, a graduate of Harvard Law, a ballroom dancer, a sports enthusiast and is deafblind.  She gave the keynote at the Global Accessibility Awareness Day and wore the device designed and made by Nora and Max during the question and answer portion of her presentation.