2019 Final Projects

[ ]
by Josh Becker '19, An-Ya Olson '22 & Matt Wang '19

[  ] is a sound installation that allows the user to explore sound through physical space. We use motion capture of both the user and an independent object—a box. Read more...

by Ean Steinberger '19, David Major '20, Leila About-Jaoude '22, Maya von Ziegesar '19

What does it mean to control another person’s experience, and to understand an environment that you yourself cannot experience? How can people, physically separated, communicate to find common ground? Read more...

Titanic's Revenge

by Madeleine Cheyette '19, Chris Park '22, Ryan Vinh '19

Inspired by the complex structures naturally created by icebergs, this kinetic sculpture sought to use rotational motors that follow the philosophy of Daniel Rozin: creating stunning visuals through simple, rotational, up-and-down movements. Read more...

Slow + Present
by Min Lee '21, Nia McCullin '21, Raya Ward '21

How many doors did you walk through to get here? What’s the latest you’ve ever stayed up with friends? What color socks are you wearing today? Read more...


Playing Pretend with Projection
by Wendy Ho ‘21 & Victoria Pan ‘21

Playing Pretend with Projection​, harkens back to the time of childhood where we played pretend, allowing our childhood imaginations to run free and explore all the possibilities of what we could be or become. Read more...