STC/EGR/MUS 209: Transformations in Engineering and the Arts


Council on Science and Technology STC209

STC/EGR/MUS 209 explores the parallels and intersections of design/composition in engineering and the arts, emphasizing a merging of artistry and systematic thinking. Students will use what they learn to create as engineer-artists and artist-engineers. The course includes lecture-demonstrations, hands-on creative activities, discussions on aesthetics, and design projects. The course is organized around four modules: Visuals, Sound, Structure and Movement, led by faculty from COS, MUS, CEE, MAE with faculty from the Lewis Center for the Arts. ‘Transformations’ unify the modules by engaging the different disciplines and allowing the course to serve as an introductory experience for students with any academic background.  Article here...

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Course Faculty:
Sigrid Adriaenssens (link is external)
Aatish Bhatia
Adam Finkelstein
Jeffrey Snyder (link is external)

Participating Faculty:
Jane Cox
Jeff Whetstone
Martha Friedman
A.M. Homes
Aynsley Vandenbroucke
Rebecca Lazier
Dan Trueman

*Fulfills STL or LA Distribution Requirement*

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