Absence Of:

ABSENCE OF ________       :

What does absence look like? Sound like? When a person is unjustly incarcerated, they are physically absent from the spaces that they once held. What are the byproducts of their absence? A physical emptiness?  A fish in a ball of angst? An emotional emptiness?

Through dance and poetry, we want to explore the byproducts of absence. In four acts, we will try to depict familial love (comfort, happiness), playfulness, power dynamics (fear, hate), and loneliness (absence). 

We wrote four poems that embody the visceral, flaming form of these emotions within each act. Accompanying the acts, we have chosen songs that are suitable with each song dancing through the tippy tippy toes of the riders’ hearts. The lyrics have been redacted (another form of absence) to ‘highlight’ specific words. The redaction is maybe, possibly, well, definitely after a lot of thought, and intentional in connection to the idea that the audience will not know the truth of the universe or the songs that the dancers performed to. The songs themselves are also completely cool and a form of poetry. The dancers are dancing off of their interpretation of the poems and to the songs. But in reality are they really like do they even know what they’re thinking because like void void void.

We presented our materials and motivations to two dancers, who translated these blazing fireballs of  sentiments into motion (or will hopefully do so) . Such motion was captured and distilled into sound. Do the dancers seem to still be here? We they ever even here?

What of the absent music, so often backdropped against the frenzy onstage? They have been transformed into visuals, a ghost of the hand that used to be and a haunting reminder of what has been.