Fugue for Theater Lights and Microphone

by Theo Trevisan '21, Will Griffith '21

"Our project addresses a type of transformation called synaesthesia..."Read more about their project here...

An Exploration of Cooperation in Achieving Goals and Creating Art

by Theodor Marcu '20, Evan Wood '18, Annie Chen '18

This project is a multi-media work that combines the technical horsepower of motion capture, beautiful wall projections that incorporate user behavior and Perlin noise, and a dynamic Japanese Zen garden to create a complex yet unified depiction of cooperation in a system. Read more about their project here.


by Audrey Shih '20, Jessica Ho '20, Alice Xie '18

"prysm seeks to explore how sounds in everyday life can be transformed into conventional visual art." 




by David Exumé '19 and Cynthia Vu '21

[REDACTED] is an exploration between participatory theater and technology that imposes controls. Read more about their project here.


Inside Steps

by Jacob Shteingart '20, Sarah Wang '18

Through audio and visual experiences, the subject is encouraged to interact with him/herself. Read more about the project here.

Into the Unknown

by Larry Loprete '19, Adhitya Raghavan '20, and Mark Skepasts '21

Larry, Adhitya and Mark created "a life-size, immersive, personal experience that ...leaves participants thinking about the decisions that accompany life". Read about their project

Streamers of Consciousness 

by Ezra Austin '19, Zoe Zeitler '20

This piece is an audiovisual instrument made up of samples from software instruments and speeches. Read more about their project here.

This video is no longer available.