Saving Dr. Reginald

by Christian Chonardo '20, Ryan Ozminkowski '19, and Evan Perkins '17

"For our piece, we hoped to create an interactive experience that allowed users to be both engrossed in a story and dazzled by for more."

Exploring Abstract Visualizations in Raw Data:  Viewer Directed Meaning

by Whitney Huang '19, Mihika Kapoor '18, and Danny Wilson '18

In a world of ever increasing accessibility to data, we visualized a dynamic heat map of people on Princeton’s for more.

Absence Of:

by Melanie Ho '18, Aqeel Phillips '17, and Alice Tang '18

Through dance and poetry, we want to explore the byproducts of absence.  Click for more...


Mood Lights

by Dorothy Chen '17, Ruting Li '19, and Serena Zheng '17

We ask individuals to reflect on how they’re feeling by distilling a summary of their emotions today as a single color.  Click for more...

Become a Great Artist

by Hope Kean '18, Diana Liao '17, and Erik Massenzio '17

We asked “how do people respond to confusing information?” Click for more...

Incognito Mode

by Eric Li '18, Yicheng Sun '17, and Julia Wang '17

Incognito Mode explores how participants will respond when incentivized to reveal their own personal information. Click for more...