StudioLabThe CST welcomes and encourages students and faculty from all the University divisions to engage across the disciplines in ways that broaden their intellectual experiences and perspectives, inspire new synergies, and cultivate creativity. We recently developed the StudioLab to bring together students, faculty and staff, independent of area of concentration, to explore the intersections and shared creativity across STEM, the arts, humanities, and social sciences.   The 2500 sq. ft. space is highly customizable, allowing students and faculty to use and adapt the space to fit their needs. Programmatic initiatives within the StudioLab will include courses, labs, studios, research, projects, workshops, events, and informal interactions. These initiatives will advance engagement and diversify participation within and across the disciplines.

An important part of the work of the CST is supporting the development of new courses and the transformation of existing courses to better make science and engineering accessible and engaging to every type of student. Accordingly, our first programmatic focus for the CST creative space will be in support of a new course on Engineering and the Arts, which is being developed by a group of faculty from several different departments across engineering and the arts. This programmatic focus has the great advantage of helping to make possible a course of significant interest across campus as well as promoting a bridge between STEM and the Humanities. Further, because the course requires a space with features and infrastructure that promote creativity in diverse ways, it will drive the design of a space that is well suited and well equipped for the wide range of future possibilities. So, while the focus will be to design a space for the Engineering and the Arts course, the outcome will be a space that is exceptionally versatile for expanded use.