Rethinking Mass Incarceration


CST design challengeThe goal is to challenge participants to think critically about mass incarceration, to learn, research and design methodologies to assist them in addressing the issues, long-term implications and solutions and create works that challenge our perception of mass incarceration. We will be partnering with Mass Story Lab, a participatory storytelling project whose workshops include the stories of people directly impacted by mass incarceration. They become the transformative lens through which communities imagine a world beyond prisons.


  • Conduct in depth research that challenges a set of assumptions
  • Rapid prototyping in order to ideate and receive feedback faster
  • Design thinking workshops that expand upon your research
  • 101 technology trainings (learning the 3D printer, MoCap, etc.) that inspire creative solutions


  • Opportunities to use StudioLab tools & space
  • Gain training, mentorship & experience
  • SPEAR conference collaboration (April 14-15th, 2017)



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