Broadening and deepening participation in STEM

The CST serves the University by catalyzing and supporting intellectual exchange, interdisciplinary research, excellent courses, and multidisciplinary collaboration that broaden participation in and appreciation of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

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Monday, Oct 10, 2016
Embracing Curiosty:   Mary Roach in conversation with Robert Krulwich. Sometimes simple questions have the most surprising answers.
Monday, Sep 12, 2016
Women from the Class of 2020 gathered to hear from panelists about their experiences being Women in STEM fields.  Six panelists, which included faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, spoke about their educational and professional paths, and offered advice for freshmen women.  



ENV201: Introduction to Environmental Studies: Population, Land Use, Biodiversity, and Energy
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Case Study: Collaboration with Departments and Faculty
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Student Blogs: Curious journeys of wondering minds

2:23 pm Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016
by lianz
By: Christin Monroe
11:44 pm Sunday, Dec 20, 2015
by lianz
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